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Revision 3.5 -- Last updated 27-Jun-2001

The Spider's Loom web site was originally created on an Apple Power Macintosh 8500/120 with 160MB of RAM, using a combination of BBEdit Lite 3.0, Microsoft Word 6.0.1., and GoLive Cyberstudio; work is now performed either directly on the server (a Unix system running the Apache web server) with the vi text editor, or on a G4 Macintosh with 512MB of RAM using Dreamweaver. The site graphics were created with Adobe Photoshop & ImageReady, with some added help from a selection of filter packages and other graphics tools.

Special Note for Text-Only Viewers

Every effort has been made to ensure that all the informational pages in the Spider's Loom site are indeed "text only;" however, any client pages may or may not include non-graphical versions at the discretion of the client. In addition, Spider's Loom cannot guarantee how any visitor's web browser will interact with any external web sites/pages to which this site links.

A Note on Fancy Graphics (or Lack Thereof)

Visitors to this web site will likely notice a lack of really flashy 3D, animated, or other fancy graphics and icons. This is not an oversight; these pages were designed less as a showcase and more as an information source, so anything that utilizes extra bandwidth, increases load times, and/or causes potential memory problems for viewers (i.e., lots of really fancy graphics & animation) have been minimized.

Copyright Information

All text, scripts, graphics, etc. in the Spider's Loom web site were created and are Copyright 1997-2001 by Brian Lev and may not be used without express written permission of the author.

Content, copyright, etc. of any other ("remote") web site/page to which the Spider's Loom pages link is purely and expressly the responsibility of the remote entity claiming ownership of or responsibility for that site.

Spider's Loom guarantees that it has made a "best effort" to ensure the accuracy of all facts and figures expressed in this web site, but cannot be held responsible for errors or innacuracies in the source data. In addition, Spider's Loom cannot be held responsible for the form, content, or actions of any outside web sites to which it links.

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