The Spider's Loom Advantage

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As a businessperson, you need to choose carefully when outsourcing for services; these days, everyone seems to be an instant "expert" in web and Internet technologies & applications. Spider's Loom offers you the one thing its competition cannot: experience. You can see the full resume of Brian Lev, Spider's Loom Principal/Owner, by clicking here — or read the rest of this page for some other excellent reasons why Spider's Loom is your best choice.

Experience with the Internet environment

Unlike many individuals and companies now offering web authoring and management services, we have been working on the Internet since the "covered wagon days" of the original ARPAnet. We know where the Internet has been and thus have a solid basis to see where it is going — its capabilities, its reach, and (most importantly for your business) who is using it and how they are using it!

Experience with the World Wide Web

Spider's Loom staff has the experience with the programming techniques and applications necessary to truly take advantage of the World Wide Web.

Experience with Business Computing

Spider's Loom staff have over a decade of experience with business-oriented computing that ranges from single-computer installations to regional networks.

Experience with User Interfaces

Spider's Loom staff has over a decade of experience in designing user interfaces for Internet-based applications, and has a solid understanding of how to present information in an electronic medium.

Experience in Presentation and Education

Unlike many web design firms, Spider's Loom has experience in presenting information directly to a variety of audiences in different settings.

Not A "Cybermall"

Unlike a growing number of web sites, Spider's Loom is not an on-line shopping mall with dozens (perhaps hundreds) of nearly identical pages for its clients.

Independence from Specific Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Unlike many other web design & management companies, Spider's Loom is an independent entity.

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