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You don't need an Internet account to take advantage of all that a Spider's Loom web site has to offer — in addition to "a la carte" custom services, Spider's Loom offers several development & hosting packages designed to give your business the web presence it needs at extremely reasonable rates. If you already have an account (or web site!) of your own, Spider's Loom also offers remote services that allow you to take full advantage of the web's interactivity without having to upgrade to a more expensive account.

The Spider's Loom web server is well-connected, with multiple high-speed (T3) links to the net. It resides in a secure facility with full backup power, and is monitored 24 hours/day — our uptime has averaged 99.9% for the past 12 months!

The prices of the packages listed below are discounted from estimates based on hourly or per-item rates for average comparable work; exact savings may vary.

Development & Hosting Packages
Please see
note below
Remote Service Packages
  • User Feedback
  • Automated Shopping Cart  [coming soon!]
  • Bulletin Board System  [coming soon!]

Development & Hosting Packages


The various hosting packages (Web Advert, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) originally offered by Spider's Loom have been replaced with basic hourly rate (plus specific costs) or "cost plus fixed fee" contracts. We have adopted this approach after discussing pricing with a number of current, past, and potential clients (and upon careful consideration of a variety of financial & technical factors). We will work with you to create the pricing structure that best fits with your budget and web requirements — and provide you with some of the best, least expensive web services available anywhere!


Remote Service Packages

User Feedback Page
If you already have a web site (or an Internet account in which you plan to host a site) that doesn't support CGI scripting, you're missing out on one of the best features of the web. Spider's Loom can build a single page that meshes seamlessly with the rest of your site — with the added advantage of using our CGI resources. Your Spider's Loom user feedback page features the following:
  • same background & layout as the rest of your existing site (you provide the graphics)
  • single HTML form on the Spider's Loom server that allows users to enter their name, email address, street address, and typed comments.
  • "Thank You" page for users when they submit their data with automatic return to your main site
  • CGI routine that automatically formats user input as email and sends it to the address(es) of your choice (max. 2 simultaneous addresses).
  • 1 year of hosting the necessary scripts & HTML on the Spider's Loom server
  • Your Cost: $125  (more than 600 messages in a 12-month period will be billed at $0.05 per message)

    Please note that the availability of any services listed here is limited by the terms of your contract with your Internet Service Provider; Spider's Loom will not knowingly perform work in violation of any ISP's appropriate use guidelines or local laws. Every effort will be made to meet your requirements without violating basic "netiquette."  Extra charges may apply for certain services.

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