Unlike many of the newcomers to the Internet now trying to cash in on the web's phenomenal growth, Spider's Loom knows what should not be done in order to avoid the many problems now plaguing the web-based business community.

We will not include any pirated material in your web pages. This protects you from lawsuits stemming from infractions of international copyright law and accusations of plagiarism.

We will not "spam" your advertisement all over the Internet. This preserves your reputation & standing with the on-line community and protects you from account closure, ISP lawsuits, and other common actions against "spammers"

We will not send unsolicited email or faxes to your customers. This protects you from lawsuits stemming from infractions of federal "junk fax" laws and avoids angering your customer base.

We will not make your web site indistinguishable from hundreds of others in a "cybermall." This guarantees that your site reflects the personality of your business and meets your requirements, not ours.

We will not tie you down to any specific Internet Service Provider (ISP) or try to sell you services you don't need. This guarantees that you can pick and choose the level of service you need from the hundreds of ISPs available -- and stay within your budget!

We will not create your web pages with proprietary code that only users of one brand of web browser can see. This guarantees that your site will be viewable by the widest possible audience and protects you from built-in obsolesence as manufacturers release one upgrade after another.

And finally...

We will not feed you hype or unsubstantiated claims about the Internet, the World Wide Web, or what you can expect from on-line advertising. This guarantees that you know exactly what you're getting into, what it can and cannot do for your business, and what you can do to better integrate it with your existing advertising & communcations.
      Spider's Loom is built on the philosphy that honesty is not just the best policy -- it is the ONLY policy! We would rather help you make an informed decision that a web site is not what you want right now and do business with you in the future than force our services on you now and lose your business (or have you lose money) in the future.