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Spider's Loom, Silver Spring, MD
November 1998 - Present

Established own business to provide Internet and WWW consulting, design and management services to businesses & professionals. In addition to all aspects of business operations, responsibilities include determining requirements for clients; coding web pages and CGI scripts; reviewing existing web sites for functionality, user friendliness, and technical excellence; analyzing client business practices and web use; a wide range of graphics & scanning tasks; managing & maintaining client web sites; and writing/editing web content and advertising copy. As independent consultant, provided several months of web design support to the Public Buildings Service's Systems Development Center/Center of Excellence in Rosslyn, VA. Other clients have included Bocom Network Services; Hypno Ventures, LLP; the International Organization of Black Security Executives; The National Architectural Trust; Security Liability Corporation, LLC; Site Seeing Tours, Inc.; and other small- and medium-sized businesses. Also designed, implemented, and hosted a site for the Austrian Embassy's 1998 Opera Ball on a pro bono basis, and regularly confer with other entrepreneurs to keep abreast of developments in the Internet and WWW arenas.  [click for details]

Simultaneous with Spider's Loom work, has been an employee of BOSS Staffing since March, 2001. Extensive work has been performed for BOSS clients Arbitron Corporation and ICMA Retirement Corporation, including HTML authoring, web scripting, graphics & text creation/preparation, and data entry. Tools included Notepad, Simpletext, Dreamweaver, Homesite, and/or the xPressroom content management system in MacOS and/or Windows NT environments.

ACS Government Solutions Group , Inc. (formerly CDSI), Rockville, MD
Senior Systems Development Specialist
October 1996 - October 1998

Most recently, was part of a small team of ACS and National Institute for Standards and Technology staff designing & implementing a web-based version of the DOS-based Algorithm Testing System run by NIST'S Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory as part of the ATEP-CMS program. Played key role in user interface design; other responsibilities included aiding in overall system design; creating web pages, graphics and CGI scripts; aiding in design and web integration of an Oracle database; participating in system and project reviews; coordinating with NIST graphics & editorial staff; and ad hoc editing and reporting tasks.   [click for details]

Previously was part of three-person team designing & implementing the 1998 Federal Employees Health Benefits Program web site for the Office of Personnel Management. Tasks included designing an interface that mimicked the appearance of published material while remaining accessible to individuals with special special needs; creation of graphics & HTML code; aiding in creation of JavaScript-based data formatting routines; editing numerous client-provided Adobe Acrobat documents; and performing accessibility & functionality testing. Work was performed on an extremely short timeline, with all deadlines met or exceeded.   [click for details]

Simultaneously provided support to the NIH Office of Science Education, helping create & populate a large-scale educational web site and providing OSE personnel with ad hoc Macintosh systems support when their internal IT support organization could not.   [click for details]

Also during this time, helped develop CDSI's corporate web site, playing a significant role in overall site design. Performed a major portion of graphics development and site coding, and helped coordinate efforts of several corporate departments. As a result, was asked to review the ACS corporate web site upon the ACS/CDSI merger, and aided in the redesign of the local web site for ACS Government Solutions Group, Inc.   [click for details]

Earlier was assigned to a project for the New York State Higher Education Services Corp. in Albany, NY. Working alone at the client site for six weeks, interviewed HESC staff, including the CEO and board members; met regularly with HESC's Web Operations Committee, Network Operations Group, and other business units; and researched HESC's mission, operations and business standards & practices. Developed and presented an analysis of how HESC could better integrate its rapidly growing web-based offerings with its "classic" services, its changing internal network infrastructure, and State-mandated services, budgets & guidelines. In addition to addressing technology issues, the final report included specific recommendations for staffing, budgeting, procedural changes, and web design guidelines, as well as an implementation timeline.   [click for details]

Originally hired to provide a variety of web-oriented services to the GSA's Public Buildings Service; one major task was the design & implementation of the Governors Island disposal web site, which included extensive graphics work as well as coordinating with client & CDSI staff located in Cambridge (MA), New York City, and Washington, DC. Was also responsible for installation and updating of the original STAR web site, picking up the project when the original staff resigned; tasks included storyboarding, CGI scripting, implementing an online discussion forum, and extensive graphics work. Provided similar services to other CDSI clients on an ad hoc basis. Throughout ACS/CDSI employment, participated in preparation of documentation and standards for corporate web development (primarily in the areas of coding standards, correct use policy, and security) and in the creation of a highly regarded web development & security white paper for the PBS. Also helped prepare an automated web development demo for FOSE '97 and staffed CDSI's booth at the show. In addition, prepared an "Introduction to HTML" tutorial on own time, designed and led extremely popular "Make Your Own Web Page" tutorials for Bring Your Kids to Work Day in 1998, and kept colleagues appraised of new developments in web and Internet technologies, tools and policies.   [click for details]

Software Productivity Consortium, Herndon, VA
Senior Computer Systems Analyst
June 1995 - October 1996

Webmaster, June 1995-October 1996. Responsible for design, development, content & maintenance of public, internal and restricted access web pages, working with all SPC divisions and several projects to ensure currency of content and appearance; managed members-only web site user accounts; developed and implemented HTML code and CGI scripts as needed; coordinated with outside graphics and publications contractors; created web graphics; installed Netscape Commerce Servers on Unix and Windows NT systems; and monitored developments in web technologies & standards for possible adoption. Was primary designer of the For Members Only pages.

Interim Macintosh Administrator, June 1995-February 1996. Concurrent with other work, handled user support and systems/software troubleshooting for all SPC Macintosh users; created hardware and software data base; helped determine and fulfill user & project requirements; managed software licenses; published a Macintosh FAQ and glossary on the internal web server; and prepared guidelines for system usage and software installation & use.

Hughes STX Corporation (HSTX, formerly SAR), Lanham, MD
Principal Analyst
May 1987 - November 1994

Toolkits Coordinator, 1993-1994, NASA Automated Systems Incident Response Capability (NASIRC). Helped coordinate between NASA AIS security managers and with outside AIS security organizations; located, acquired, tested and distributed AIS software & information for the NASA community; helped manage NASIRC's Anon FTP and WWW servers; wrote many NASIRC Security Bulletins; helped staff hotline and handle reported incidents; coordinated with other Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams members; and performed ad hoc proposal, writing, editing & graphics tasks.

Task Leader, 1990-1993, NASA Science Internet (NSI) User Support Office. Supervised staff of seven and directed NSI user help operations; coordinated with the NSI Project Office in California, GSFC networking groups, and other local projects; directed user outreach program; designed and maintained an automated network information data base and user help system; helped monitor & troubleshoot the NSI; delivered presentations and tutorials at science conferences and user group meetings; prepared activity reports for HSTX and NASA management; performed staff evaluations; and provided ad hoc editorial and graphics support for publications and presentations.

Task Leader, 1987-1993, GSFC Network Support Group for Large Systems (NSG-LS). Supervised staff of eight; managed GSFC LAN user support operations; created, maintained and distributed the MacDefender anti-virus tool kit; designed and maintained the Network Information Center On-Line Aid System (NICOLAS), a menu-driven automated help and inter-network gateway system; helped monitor and troubleshoot GSFC networks; created and delivered networking related presentations and documents; and performed ad hoc editing & writing tasks for various publications. Also prepared and satisfied ROSAT project networking requirements prior to a successful June 1990 launch.

Trinity College, Washington, DC
Adjunct Professor
September 1990 - December 1994

Concurrent with HSTX employment, served on the faculty of Trinity College in Washington, DC. Designed and implemented this nationally-rated school's first introductory computer course and helped design a follow-up advanced course. Consistently received high ratings in student/faculty reviews.

University of Maryland University College, College Park, MD
September 1988 - May 1989

Concurrent with HSTX employment, taught "Introduction to the VAX" seminars for students at the University of Maryland's University College.

Wilson Hill Associates, Inc., Washington, DC
Technical Associate

Periodically rewrote the U.S. Coast Guard Telecommunications Plan and Secure Telecommunications Plan, working with classified information in a secure environment; prepared a feasibility study for a pilot LAN at USCG Headquarters; and edited a revalidation of workload estimates for the USCG District Minicomputer System. Previously, performed requirements analyses for various clients & projects, and coordinated development of several large requirements documents for federal client. Also performed ad hoc editing, graphics, and analysis tasks.

Science Management Corp., Landover, MD
Documentation Specialist

Responsible for full systems life cycle documentation for various clients. Also organized & maintained a corporate qualifications library; maintained an on-line employee skills database; and performed numerous ad hoc proposal support, writing and editing tasks.

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