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Spider's Loom offers a wide spectrum of web-based and web-oriented services to help you establish and maintain a productive web presence; these services may be divided into the categories of Web Page Authoring, Web Site Hosting, Graphics & Animation, Scripting, Web Site Management, and Consulting & Training.

Web Page Authoring

  • Site Design
    If you have nothing but the desire to create a web presence for your business, or maybe a few ideas about what your site should look like, Spider's Loom can create an overall "soup to nuts" design with and for you that covers everything from technical details to your site's overall look & feel.
  • HTML Coding
    Spider's Loom will custom-code your web pages in compliance with major international standards, so your web site will be viewable by the largest possible audience regardless of which browser, operating system, or computer they use.
  • HTML Conversion
    If you have already created web page content with a word processor, Spider's Loom can convert your electronic documents from Word, Wordperfect, 1-2-3, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. into standard HTML code. If you have printed information you want to publish on the web but it isn't in electronic format, Spider's Loom can perform the necessary data entry for you.
  • HTML "Laundering"
    If you have pre-existing HTML code created by any of the WYSIWYG applications known to "inflate" code with incorrect and/or unnecessary tags, or simply old code that fails to meet current web standards, Spider's Loom can clean up your code to ensure maximum functionality with minimum load times.
  • Content Creation
    Want a presence on the web but don't know what to say? Spider's Loom can work with you to create the necessary text & graphics.
  • Site Registration
    Spider's Loom can register your web site with the major Internet search engines & indices (e.g., Alta Vista, Excite!, Lycos, Yahoo, et al.) to maximize its exposure and availability.

    Web Site Hosting

  • Custom Sites
    Unlike sites hosted by many other services, your dedicated web site in the spiderloom.com domain is free of corporate content "guidelines" that make your site look like everyone else's, has no advertisement-filled "pop up" windows to annoy your users, and doesn't run commercials from your competitors.
  • Custom Plans
    In addition to customized contracts, Spider's Loom offers several hosting plans to match both your budget and your needs. There's never a limit on how many hits your site can record, and web site management services are included at no extra charge.
  • Secure E-Commerce
    Spider's Loom holds a VeriSign security certificate that allows any site hosted in the spiderloom.com domain — or individual pages of remotely-hosted client sites — to use automatic encryption to protect information submitted by visitors (e.g., credit card numbers) thus providing your clients added protection and comfort while providing you a competitive edge.
  • Access Tracking
    Spider's Loom can prepare analyses of the server's access logs to show you who is accessing your site, how often, and where they're going.

    Graphics & Animation

  • Custom Graphics
    Spider's Loom can create custom graphics for your web site "from scratch," from public domain images, or from images you provide.
  • Image Mapping
    Want your web users to jump around by clicking on a map instead of a series of text links? Want notes about a complex diagram to "pop up" when a user clicks on them? Spider's Loom can create all the code necessary to make a picture react to users' mouse clicks.
  • Animation
    Spider's Loom can create small moving icons to attract and hold visitors' attention, larger animated images that make your product catalogs come alive, and short QuickTime animations (complete with sound) to present a wide range of information in a familiar yet attention-getting manner.
  • Macromedia Flash [AVAILABLE LATE 2001]
    Beginning later this year, Spider's Loom will be adding Macromedia's industry-standard Flash animations to the services available. Using the Flash plug-in, visitors to your site will be able to experience true interactive sound and animations, either as a simple intro page or as a full navigation environment!
  • Scanning
    High-resolution scanning of photographs, line art, etc. for use as web content or easy electronic exchange.
  • Video Digitization
    Capture & digitization of VHS video for still images, animated GIFs, and/or QuickTime movies.


  • Page Enhancements
    Hit counters, background music, etc.—basic page scripting makes your web site a more pleasant browsing experience for visitors.
  • Interactive Forms
    Spider's Loom can create the JavaScript and CGI routines necessary for you to offer on-line catalogs, user feedback forms, or just about any other kind of data interchange you want your website to perform.
  • Web-Based Email
    Instead of relying on every user to properly configure their web browser to handle email (or even remember your address), Spider's Loom can create routines that guarantee users can contact you electronically.
  • Rollovers & Animations
    Spider's Loom can create the scripts necessary to make your web pages react to the motion of a visitor's cursor on-screen.
  • Functionality Enhancement
    Spider's Loom can provide CGI routines and Java applets to increase the functionality and interactivity of your web pages.

    Web Site Management

  • Site Maintenance
    Spider's Loom can maintain your web pages on any server, through any Internet Service Provider; as long as you grant access to your account, your pages will always be up to date and fully functional.
  • Technical Contacts
    Spider's Loom will interface with your service provider's technical representatives as needed so that you can concentrate on your business.
  • Updates
    An old web site is a lonely web site; Spider's Loom will work with you to establish a regular update schedule (and will also perform ad hoc updates) to guarantee your site will continue to attract visitors.
  • Link Checks
    The #1 problem on the WWW is "link rot"—links to other pages and resources that are never updated and that stop functioning after several months (or days); Spider's Loom will periodically check all the hyperlinks on your site to ensure they all work properly.
  • Configuration Management
    Spider's Loom will maintain back copies of code, images, and content; ensure that naming & stylistic conventions are applied consistently across your pages; and maintain a change history of your web site to allow "rollbacks" of old graphics, information, etc.
  • Webmaster Interface
    Spider's Loom will interface with the management and/or creators of (known) external sites linked to yours to ensure your image is presented the way you want.

    Consulting & Training

  • ISP Comparison
    Spider's Loom can do the footwork for you in locating and signing with an Internet Service Provider
  • Tutorials
    Want to know what the Internet is and where it came from, how to best utilize the WWW for business or pleasure, or how to write basic HTML? Spider's Loom can present a tutorial for you or your entire staff!
  • Web Site Analysis
    Spider's Loom can analyze your existing web site for ease of use, content, appearance, and organization—or can locate your competitors' sites and report on them for you.

  • Please note that the availability of any services listed here is limited by the terms of your contract with your Internet Service Provider; Spider's Loom will not knowingly perform work in violation of any ISP's appropriate use guidelines or local laws. Every effort will be made to meet your requirements without violating basic "netiquette." Extra charges may apply for certain services.

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